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    Caravan Review: Willerby Salsa Eco

    Whether you’ve got a big family or you’re just looking for a value for money the Willerby Salsa Eco could be spot on for you – especially if you’re a fan of all things eco-friendly.

    Basically, this review will tell you all about the environmentally-friendly features, while trying to give an idea of what it’d be like to own the Salsa Eco for yourself. And if you have any questions that aren’t covered, ask away in the comments.

    But if you fancy doing your own review in-person, the lovely team on-park will gladly

    So, let’s have a little nosey around…


    How roomy is a Willerby Salsa Eco?

    There’s a reason why it’s a best-seller – thanks to the open-plan layout, it flows really well from one room into another.

    The kids have plenty of room to play, and it’s ideal for bigger families, which is why a lot of people choose it as an upgrade after their first static caravan.

    The Salsa Eco is 35ft long and 12ft wide, and the Salsa Eco ‘SUPER’ is 37ft by 12ft.

    The ‘L’ shape sofa wraps around the living room too, which gives you that added bit of space and it means all the family can spread out with their feet up.

    But don’t think all that space gets rid of the cosiness! With double glazing, warm air heating and a feature fireplace with a chimney breast in the living room it’s easy to heat up.

    If you choose the storage box option, available on either size model, you get a 12ft by 2ft unit built into the back of the caravan. Some owners use it to store their BBQ or table and chairs in there – it’s massive, but you wouldn’t even know it was there!


    What about the kitchen?

    For me, good food is at the heart of a good home!

    So, the kitchen’s super important to me. And I loved the stylish galley kitchen straightaway – with modern wood units that come with feature handles, a four-burner cooker with separate grill, free-standing fridge, and room for a microwave.

    And that’s not all – pots, pans, a kettle, etc are all supplied as standard too.

    So all you need to do is move in, get the kettle on and start feeling at home straight away (just add your own TV, some towels and bedsheets).

    There’s also a fixed ‘dinette area’ –an eating area with fixed seating, so if you don’t like chairs being left out after dinner, then this is your perfect solution.

    And as the kitchen’s open plan, there’s plenty of room to get those recipe books out and spread your ingredients out, without getting in anybody’s way.


    Onto the bedrooms…

    I’m one of those people who loves getting up first thing and letting the sunshine in – so the fact that the main bedroom comes with two windows is a dream.

    And not only that, but there are also two double wardrobes with an en-suite toilet. The best thing, though, is there’s loads of room to move around the bed, which you wouldn’t think of in a caravan – but it’s a decent size, so you have plenty of space for getting ready.

    The twin bedrooms also have a good amount of room and storage. There’s lots of hanging space, plus floating shelves  Which are perfect for making it homely with personal touches.

    And if you have a couple of last-minute guests arrive, you can always use the pull-out bed in the living room – taking you from a 6 or 8 sleeper caravan (depending on whether you’ve got the 2 or 3 bedroom model) to an  8 or 10 sleeper!


    And what about the bathroom?

    The main things I like to hear when I’m looking at bathrooms is ‘warm’ and ‘spacious’. So the Salsa ‘Eco’ didn’t disappoint with a roomy bathroom that comes with a shower, and my personal fave- the heated towel rail.

    There’s literally nothing better than getting out the shower and throwing a warm towel around you! There’s also that extra toilet in the en suite, so there’s no panic if someone needs the bathroom while you’re in the shower.

    2nd bedroom

    What features does the Willerby Salsa Eco come with?

    – Kingspan wall, floor and heating insulation to keep you toasty, while helping with energy-saving
    – TV unit in the lounge area with shelving for all your favourite DVDs
    – Integral iPod speakers and docking, so you can dance around the lounge!
    – Coat cupboard/ full-height storage
    – Contemporary furniture to give you that ‘brand new’ feeling to move into while being homely at the same time


    How much is the Willerby Salsa Eco?

    The price starts at £30k for the Salsa Eco, but with prices varying between parks, it’s best to speak to one of the team if you fancy a look round this energy-efficient home.

    If you want a price for a particular park, just call the number for that park and ask to be put through to the caravan sales team.

    You can also ask about the ‘lend a hand’ scheme – which is where we’ll lend you £6k towards your dream holiday home, and help you let it out to earn back £2k a year, towards repayments.


    Should I buy a Willerby Salsa Eco?

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your caravan, buying a holiday home for the first time, or looking for a more energy-efficient caravan that’s better for the environment, this is perfect for you.

    All of the eco-friendly features will save you money, and it’s a lovely static caravan for those looking to sub-let as well.

    There’s enough room for kids to play, and teenagers to have their own space. And at the end of the day, the spacious living room is warm and inviting for bringing everyone together.


    Do you think the Willerby Salsa Eco is the holiday home for you? You can call us on 0870 165 0154 to find out more or leave us a comment in the section below. Even better, you can see it for yourself with a VIP visit to your preferred park. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you as always!