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Win a 2017 holiday with our #MyHavenDays competition

Haven is once again offering you the chance to win a 2017 holiday with us simply by uploading a photo of your summer memories.

Throughout the summer months all you need to do is use the #MyHavenDays along with a holiday snap to enter the competition.

On Twitter and Instagram it’s as simple as that, on Facebook you can enter the competition by clicking here.

Last year Emma Hoone was the lucky winner of a holiday after she shared this beautiful snap of her and her family enjoying themselves on the beach!

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Do you have a favourite holiday memory? Let us know what it is in the comment section below!

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I just entered the #MyHavenDays competition to win a @haven holiday!

What a great chance to win a holiday at @haven here!

  • Amanda Harwood

    Amazing competition. Our favourite memory of haven holidays and we have had lots of haven holidays has got to be perran sands may 2016 where me and my husband Tied the knot finally after 8 years and 4 boys later at our favourite holiday destination cornwall.

    • Hey Amanda 🙂

      Perran Sands is beautiful isn’t it and I can see why it’s so special for you and your family 🙂

  • Joanne Drury

    Had our first haven holiday at Rockley Park this year and for sure will be returning to an haven holiday in the future…. Had an absolutely fantastic holiday and will certainly return to Rockley Park and try some closer to home sites

    • Hey Joanne!

      Welcome to the Haven family, we’re very pleased you enjoyed your first holiday with us 🙂 Can’t wait to see you again!

  • Diane Thomson

    I was at craig Tara with my kids and my sister and brother in law and her 5 kids and it was our very first holiday as a family ever and it was good to spend time together I have tried to upload a pic but it won’t upload

    • Hey Diane 🙂

      Great to hear you had a nice time with your family! Do you know why it’s not letting you upload? We may be able to help 🙂

  • Chris Roberts

    we have so many memories from perran sands but the one we always remember is the time we were on our way back to our tent and it was raining and i fell over in a ditch and got all was so funny

    • Hey Chris!

      Thanks for your comment! Well it wouldn’t be British if it wasn’t raining, would it?! Glad you had a great time 🙂

  • donna brittle

    We had a lovely time in Greenacres this summer but unfortunately my in laws and our 88 year old grandads had to leave us in the middle of the holiday because grandad wasn’t well as he has diabetes and is early on set dementia. We made sure our 2 girls enjoyed the remainder of the holiday with the cart hire, swimming, arcades ect. Thanks fully greenacres is such a fab site that you can keep yourselves and the kids entertained 24/7!

  • donna brittle

    We also visited Seaview in Weymouth earlier this year too and are going back October! My favourite memory of that holiday was my husband getting the car stuck in mud and we had to call reception who sent some great maintenence staff to our van with a big truck to pull him out. I was mortified but the girls found it hilarious!

    • Hi Donna,

      It’s great to hear you’ve had some lovely holidays with us! And I’m glad your husband managed to get out of the mud eventually!!

      Have a great day 🙂

  • debz1941

    Loved blue dolphin so much last year we booked while still there for this year. The SummerHouse was great. Loads of space and with patio doors it let in loads of light and sunshine. Again the weather was hot hot hot. Visited scarborough bridlington filey and playdale farm. The week flew over so fast. The kids enjoyed the pool and the kayaking and climbing wall. So much to fit in. Have booked again for next yeat nut going to try Primrose Valley as we went through there on the 120 bus going to bridlington. Looked fab. Theres a fair aswell. Sad its over as we only got back on sat 13th aug but on a countdown for next year now.

  • debz1941

    A big shout out to Blue Dolphin. The staff were amaxing and di helpful. We arrived by train at filey and got a 8 seater taxi to the camp. The cab wouldnt take us any further in and our SummerHouse was at yhe further point away from the reception. The reception arranged a caravan sales rep to take our stuff up to the caravan for us as with 3 kids we wouldnt of been able to manage all the cases and bags on foot. Help was only at the end of a phone call to reception and dropped off an extra quilt at a moments notice. I couldnt thank Blue Dolphon enough for all your wonderful customer service. Its ensured we keep coming back to Haven.

    • Hi Debz,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I’ll make sure to pass them on to the team at Blue Dolphin 🙂

      Have a great day!

  • mary ann clark

    Seeing my grandchildren enjoying the seaside for the first time ever, awesome

    • Hey 🙂

      That’s great to hear, just what holidays are all about – making memories!

  • Kerry Akins

    Had 2 fantastic holidays with haven this year at Riviere Sands and Cala Gran. Cala Gran was my favourite though as there was plenty of things to do in Blackpool. Will definitely be visiting again. ❤

    • Hi Kerry,

      Amazing to hear you’ve enjoyed your holidays with us, we can’t wait to see you again! 🙂

  • Marion Tenpenny

    cant tell ya how many holidays we have had at Haven all over the uk .. were tourers !! Fantastic times for the whole family we do go to martin mere every year to start the summer !! but have been wales summerset was mint!! hafan y mor where we are regular visitors to many to mention!!! so many happy memories !!! and we will go back to each on except Presthaven Sands !! staff wasn’t friendly there !! and the touring site was just basic and a long walk to the club

    • Hi Marion,

      It’s amazing to hear you love touring at so many of our parks! Must be great being able to travel the country. Hope we’ll get to see you again soon 🙂

  • Aimee Litton

    Absolutely love all our haven holidays. Can not wait for our next one. We always have so much fun whatever the weather.

    • Hey Aimee,

      I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed your holiday with us! We can’t wait see you again 🙂