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    You could win big by entering our #IBuiltADen competition

    We know how much fun it is to build a den with your friends and family, so we want to see your best creations and our favourite could win big!

    That’s right, we’re running a competition to see who is the greatest den builder in the country, and you can enter by using #IBuiltADen.

    If you are our first choice pick you will win an off-peak holiday at Haven, and second place will be treated to a Nature Rockz bundle.

    We want to see all types of dens, from being built by nature with sticks and leaves, to a classic pillow fort in the comforts of your own home – we love them all.

    How to enter

    So don’t forget to get building and then share it on Instagram or Twitter using #IBuiltADen, or if you have Facebook or no social media accounts you can upload it here:

    What’s the quirkiest den you’ve ever built? Have you taken part in shelter building at Haven? Let us know in the comment section below!