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    Yorkshire on Foot

    If you’re holidaying or camping in Yorkshire be sure to take advantage of the stunning scenery and acres of Greenland around the area. Yorkshire is considered amongst the greenest areas in England, so what better place to get outdoors, take in a breath of fresh air and get closer to nature!

    Aysgarth Woods 

    If you’re looking for a nice brisk walk then why not take a wonder through Aysgarth Woods and Waterfalls at Yorkshire Dales National Park. It’s only a short walk at 1 ½ miles, but the breathtaking views you’ll see on the way are definitely worth your while! The walk will take you through St Joseph’s Woods where you will be able to spot lots of wildlife. Keep an eye out for the different types of birds that live amongst the woods including chiffcaffs, warblers and treecreepers and keep an eye out for squirrels too! If you’re lucky you might even see some deer that habitat the woods, so make sure you are alert so you don’t miss anything! After taking in the stunning views of the Aysgarth waterfall and the nature of the woods, you will also be able to enjoy views of Castle Bolton, a medieval castle built in 1399.

    River image


    The famous Prince of Thieves scene in Robin Hood was also filmed on the upper falls just upstream from the road bridge and is worth getting a close look at! The best time to visit Aysgarth Falls is after it has rained making the falls even more powerful.

    Malham Tarn Archaeology Walk

    The Malham Tarn archaeology walk stretches across 5 ½ miles, so if you’re looking for a slightly longer walk, this one would be perfect for you! Follow in the footsteps of history and take in surroundings of a landscape that has been used by man since the Mesolithic era. Walk along old Monks’ Road where much of the land has been farmed by monks and was used to rear sheep. In the 18th Century, up to 20,000 cattle were brought to Malham Tarn by drovers from Scotland to trade, which enabled farmers to supply meat and produce to nearby towns.  Below is a map of the walk and the 8 check points to go through.



    Lower Wharfedale 

    If you’re looking for a longer, more challenging walk to tackle, give Bolton Abbey to Simon’s Seat in Lower Wharfedale a try. The walk stretches across 9 ½ miles and includes steep hills and uneven surface, and should take you approximately 4-5 hours. Start at the magnificent Bolton Abbey and cross the wooden bridge opposite Cavendish Pavilion to begin your walk across the stream towards the farmyard in Storriths. Climb your way up through the Valley of Desolation towards Simon’s Seat and Lord’s Seat. Here you will see the stunning views across the Dales, so take a moment to take it all in! On your way back down from Simon’s seat be sure to stop off at Posforth Falls and get a few snaps of the waterfall!



    Do you know of any other great walks in Yorkshire? Let us know in the comment section below.