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    Your Guide to February Half Term

    We know it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained when they’re off school for a week, so come rain or shine, we’ve got your February Half Term sorted. Check out our Monday – Sunday guide on how to survive February Half Term at home with the kids.


    Sunny Day:


    A trip to the zoo or farm is always a fun day out with the family. Kids love learning about different animals and spotting their favourite ones! Create a fun checklist which lets them tick off how many animals they have seen that day. This one is fun for all ages too so the whole family can join in.

    Rainy Day: 

    You’ll definitely have some fun with this one – but be prepared to get messy! Create your own bird feeder with the kids by making a fat ball that is full of nutrients and will help attract birds to your garden. Winter is the best time to make a fat ball for birds as winter is the time they will struggle most to find food, so you can have fun with the kids, be kind to nature and look out for the different birds that visit your garden.

    Check out our video below on how to make one:


    Sunny Day:


    What better way to spend a sunny day than taking the family out in the open, getting some fresh air and eating some tasty food! Have the kids help you with picking out the food/ food preparation and head down to your local park for some quality family fun. Why not play some games, have a go on the swings and feed the ducks whilst you’re there!

    Rainy Day: 

    Practise for Pancake Day

    If it’s not quite picnic weather then you can still have some tasty fun indoors! Get practising for pancake day that’s coming up on 28th February so you can be a pro pancake flipper on the day. Have a fun competition with the kids to see who can make the best pancake or toss theirs the highest! You can add your own unique touches too and have a judging competition at the end.

    Check out our video on how to make your own healthy banana pancakes:


    Sunny Day:

    Build a Natural Shelter

    Try something different this half term and take the kids outdoors and show them how to build a natural shelter. Building a natural shelter is something your kids may have never done before, and if they like making dens at home then their bound to like this! Put on your wellies and have some fun outdoors.

    Watch our video below for tips:

    Rainy Day: 


    If it’s started raining before you got the chance to build your shelter to hide under, then a trip to the local swimming pool is the perfect activity on a rainy day. Swimming is such an important skill for children to learn and it’s great fun too! Take to the water for some great water fun and good exercise too!


    Sunny Day:

    Bike Ride

    Helmets and bikes at the ready! Tire the kids out with an epic family bike ride this half term. Pedal your socks off around the local park or countryside for some great views and great exercise too!


    Rainy Day: 

    Indoor Trampoline Centre

    Indoor trampoline centres are great fun for kids and adults alike! Let out your inner child at one of the many centres around the UK and monkey about with the kids. With foam ball pits to dive into, basketball hoops to practise your slam dunk, and dodge ball too, your kids really will be bouncing from the walls!

    Bounce in Milton Keynes was the first and original indoor trampoline park in the UK, click here to find out more.


    Sunny Day:

    Nature Trail

    Take the kids on a nature walk and follow the trails through the woods to see what you can find! Look out for animals such as squirrels, rabbits and even deer on your way! If you look closely, you may see their tracks making their way through the woods! Bring the fun back home too by bringing back some different coloured leaves, sticks and whatever else you can find to make a nature collage back home.

    Click here to find a nature walk near you.

    Rainy Day: 

    Craft Day

    Get creative this half term and have a craft day at home! Set up anything you need such as pots, paints, colouring pencils, paper and stickers and let your kids imagination run wild. Set yourself a challenge and try some origami with the kids. Watch the video below on how to make an origami Rory the Tiger!

    Click here to find out how to make the rest of the Seaside Squad!


    Sunny Day:

    Bird Box

    Now if you’re feeling really creative, take the kids into the garden and have a go at creating your very own bird box! They’ll need an adults help for this one so all the family can get involved.

    Rainy Day:


    Have a family trip out to a nearby museum if the weather isn’t so nice. Choose somewhere that is interactive, fun, and educational for all the family to enjoy. I used to love going to Roald Dahl’s museum in Buckinghamshire when I was a kid, and  my daughter Lola loves it too! It’s aimed at ages 6-12 years and has three interactive galleries for children to enjoy.

    Visit their website to find out more.


    Aaaaand breathe! February Half Term is coming to an end and the kids will all be back at school tomorrow. Unwind and have a relaxing movie day at home – oh, and don’t forget to make sure they’ve done their homework!

    What are you doing with the kids during February Half Term? Let us know in the comment section below! For more ideas on things to do with the kids check out our YouTube channel. 

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