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    Your pension options explained in 90 seconds

    Pensions have gone through a big change, reforms to the rules last year mean that you have complete control over your money, and greater power over how you spend, save or invest the retirement pot you have built up over many years.

    For many people, the amends have come with a whole array of questions such as; is my pension included in these reforms? Or how much of my pension can I access at once?  The video below helps explain the key changes to your pension so you are up to date with all the information before planning any big decisions.

    “You have saved all your life for your retirement fund and now, thanks to major new changes to the pension rules, you get complete freedom on how to spend it,” says pensions expert, Marianne Curphey, “this might mean you use some of it to pay off your mortgage, enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, put down a deposit on a holiday home, or fulfil a big lifetime ambition you have had for years.”

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