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    If you’re missing the beach, give Sandworld a try!

    September has been surprisingly kind us weather-wise, however if the rain does make a surprised appearance, why not visit Sandworld in Dorset to perfect your sandcastle skills?

    What is Sandworld?

    Sandworld is Weymouth’s first sand sculpture festival and is right near our Weymouth Bay, Seaview and Littlesea parks!It brings together some of the best sand artists in the world and each year has a different theme with this year being books. You can see some of your favourite literature brought to life, so expect to see Harry, Alice and Mr Tickle!

    When did Sandworld open?

    Sandworld in Weymouth was opened in 2011 by two good friends, Mark Anderson and David Hicks.

    Can you tell us a little bit about the co-founders?

    Mark ‘the Sandman’ Anderson is a Master Sand Sculptor and took over the trade from his tutor and grandfather, Fred Darrington. Together Fred and Mark have been entertaining the tourist of Weymouth with their sandsculptures for over 90 years!

    David is a local businessman who was inspired to get involved after visiting Presepe di Sabbia to see Mark work in 2005.  He is now just as passionate about sculptures.

    Why Weymouth?

    Mark said that the sand in Weymouth is some of the best around! It is so fine that it makes sculpting with it easy to work with…but don’t take our work for it have a look at the video below!

    When Polly went to Sandworld…